We rely on fostering for the cats we rescue

Are you interested in fostering? Peterborough Cat Rescue does not have premises in the form of a cattery. We rely on volunteers who foster cats and kittens in their own homes.

We regularly need to place our rescue cats, kittens, mums with kittens and sometime feral cats into temporary foster homes until the right permanent home can be found for them.

To keep foster cats safe, you need a place in your home where the cats can initially feel safe, that’s separate like a spare bedroom for example. New environments can be very intimidating, so having a smaller space for foster cats to become used to the smells and sounds of their new home. Some may not mix well with other cats, so might not be suitable to have the run of your home.


Supplies/food provided

Vet bills paid


Save lots of lives


If you’d like to learn out more about fostering, read our Meet the Fosterers blog, or please contact us