Help us to help Buttons

Please help us to help Buttons

Help us to help buttons

Can you help Buttons to get back on his feet? He is a young boy off around 1 to 2 years old who desperately needs surgery.

Buttons used to live in a family home, then one day his family moved away and left him behind to fend for himself.

A neighbour took him in and looked after him, she had a female cat already and couldn’t see him living outside in the cold weather.

The lady was not able to keep her cat and kittens either, so we collected them all.

We were told that the boy, Buttons, had a swollen leg, it was clear he needed a vet urgently.

At the vets (Companion Care) they agreed that yes his leg is broken, he was given pain relief, x-rayed and assessed so that he can have his leg fixed.

His surgery, ongoing treatment and care will be very expensive for a small rescue like us. Which means we’re asking for your help to get Buttons back on his feet, literally!

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Just a £1 will help. Thank you…