Meet the fosterers – The Ward Family

Our rescue cats are all looked after in foster homes until they’re re-homed

The Ward Family

The Ward Family share their experience of fostering for Peterborough Cat Rescue, meet the fosterer.

Who are we?

We are Fiona and Chris, both full time teachers, and our teenage daughters Lucy and Emily.  Our household also includes Cassie the Springer Spaniel and our 3 cats Minxy, Pickle and Cleo.

How did we become fosterers?

Emily has always been obsessed with cats and when she was younger she wanted to find a way to raise money for cats but she found she was too young to help with charity collections.

Her auntie was friends with Julie who fostered for Peterborough Cat Rescue and offered the girls playroom as a suitable space to house two foster cats whilst Julie went on a short holiday.  After a week of looking after two adorable kittens we realised that fostering was an option for us and volunteered.  That was 3 years ago!

What is it like to be a fosterer?

Fostering is great.  There is a never-ending supply of cats who crave love and attention.

In the summer months we generally have kittens which keep everyone amused and in the winter months we have had various loving cats.  Each cat or kitten has its own personality and favourite things.

The food, cage, litter and everything else the cats need is provided.  All we have to do is care for the cats and take them to the vets when needed.  We also meet potential adopters and introduce them to our cats when there is not a homing day.  To stop us from getting confused we keep a little book with all the details of the cats and kittens we are fostering and when vital things need to be done.  Over the 3 years we have fostered over 80 cats and kittens.

The most commonly asked question is “How do you give them away?”

Sometimes we feel a little sad to see the cats and kittens leave us but we know they are going to somewhere better where they can get all the love, attention and space they need.

In addition we always have the excitement of what will come next.  The girl’s favourite part of the fostering is naming the cats and kittens.  This often causes long debates even though adopters often change the names!

Would I recommend fostering?

Yes!  Fostering is great.  It’s like having your own pets without the expense.

It is especially great if, like us, you have a busy family who can all pitch in to help.  We say “Give it a go!”


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