Pancho the Milton Keynes Cat Reunited

Cat found in Peterborough from Milton Keynes is reunited with her owner

Pancho the cat is reunited

Daphne, one of our charity trustees and founder had an interesting story to tell this week…

Well on this snowy day I have a very strange story to tell you, I must say with a happy ending though!

A lady who has helped with cat work for many years was talking to a man in a pub, as you do, and he told her he was moving, had a cat that he had taken in as a stray but couldn’t take it with him.

Sue said straight away my friend has a cattery I will ask her if she would take it into her rescue side, so duly the cat was taken in.

A few days later when I went to the cattery I scanned it for a chip and low and behold she (we had established that it was a she) had a chip.

Petlog was called and I was given the details of the owner but the address was in Milton Keynes!

I rang the number and I asked for the lady and was told to hold on and a voice said “Can I help you,” so I explained who I was and that we had her cat.

Tto which she said “You can’t have, we buried him in the garden 5 years ago”.

I had to repeat no Pancho is alive and we have her (the lady called her a him), so again she said “He was run over and someone brought him to our door and we buried him, he even had a green collar on.”

I think the lady had to sit down for a few minutes to understand what was being said and she said she had “goose pimples”.

Well they came from Milton Keynes on Saturday and Pancho has been reunited with his family and sister.

But we will never know how she got from Milton Keynes to Peterborough. We did get a very happy ending with people being in the right place at the right time, ie the pub.

We have permission to post a photo of Pancho being reunited.