Pets at Home Charity Giveaway

Peterborough Cat Rescue make third place as a local charity in our region in the Pets at Home VIP Lifelines Love to Give Charity Giveaway

We’re delighted to announce that all the lovely people who voted for us have helped us reach third place in our region.

This means that we will receive £1000 in cash and £1000 in Lifelines which can be spent in-store.

Across the country Pets at Home raised an amazing £583,535 of Lifelines in the last three months, which are built up as VIP card holders swipe their cards when they make purchases.

We’re so grateful to all the people buying food, treats and toys for their pets to help make the Lifelines available to all charities, not just us.

If you’ve a Pets at Home VIP card and not sure if you’ve picked a charity, please check and we hope you’ll choose us.

Our thanks of course to Pets at Home for making this possible!