We plan to offer sponsorship of a specific cat or cat pen in the near future. Sponsorship will be open to individuals, families and businesses wanting to put something back into the community as a corporate responsibility project.

Become a sponsor from as little as 25p per day

Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, we are unable to home a cat.  These cats become permanent residents and we look to find a sponsor for them, which can be done in two ways.

Sponsor a cat

Our permanent resident cats are either virus positive, quite old, feral or too sick to be re-homed so their upkeep is often expensive and this is the reason why the charity needs all the help it can get.

If you’re you’re not able to take a cat into your own home, you can help to support one of our animals who are residents for life because they need a little extra care. Your support means they will be getting some extra love from you too!


Sponsor a Pen

Sponsoring a cat pen is one of the best ways you can help, providing our cats with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and the love they need.


Please contact us to find out more about sponsorship