Find out more about how cat adoption works

We always have cats looking for caring lifetime homes, find out who can re-home a cat and the process involved in bringing a new furry friend into your life.

Who can re-home from us?

Anyone can adopt/re-home a kitten or cat from us – what’s important is matching you, and your family, with the right animal, which will be based on their needs, and yours.

We hold regular homing days, details are usually on this website or our Facebook page. Alternatively, if you see a cat or kitten your like in our Facebook Cats & Kittens looking for lifetimes homes album, please contact us and we can arrange a visit for you.

Re-homing a cat

In some cases the cats in our care are still getting used to human company and may need someone who will be patient with them. Others may need to be kept indoors – this may mean that they’d be ideal for a family with no outside space.

Some may come from a background that means they’re not suitable for homing to families with small children, or with other pets. The welfare and wellbeing of both the cats’ and adopters is our priority, so please do not be offended if we say no to you if we feel a particular cat is not a good match for you.

Be patient, we do our best to match the right cat to you and it can be heart breaking for everyone involved if an adoption does not work out.

Once you and your pet have found each other, we’ll help you get ready to welcome them into your family.

We’ll discuss with you any specific needs that your cat has, and suggest any adjustments to your house, garden or lifestyle that might be needed to help you and your cat settle into a safe, secure and happy life together.

Introducing a new cat to your home will be exciting, rewarding and at times, challenging. It may take quite a while for your new cat to settle into life with you, but don’t worry, if you do encounter some tricky bits with your new cat, you’re not alone – we’re here to support you.

Re-homing and adoption in six simple steps

1 – Find each other online

2 – Visit your chosen cat either at one of our homing days or at the cats foster home

3 – Meet one of our foster volunteers

4 – Complete the homing form

5 – Pay the adoption donation fee

6 – Take your new cat home

Adoption Donation

To help finance the Charity, we ask a donation

£110 for a health checked and vaccinated kitten

£80 for a neutered adult or kitten (over 4-6 months).

Any money freely given above the amount is a donation and could be eligible for Gift Aid if you pay income tax in the UK.

All our cats are given a flea and worm treatment and some of our cats may also be micro chipped. A kitten package is also available, please ask or details.

PetPlan Insurance Cover

Your cat will also come with four weeks free PetPlan insurance cover, if you extend the cover quoting our reference, we will continue to receive a donation from PetPlan from your premiums at no additional cost to you.

The criteria for adopting one of our cats or kittens:


Kittens and cats are vaccinated to prevent the spread of disease


All kittens are neutered at 4-6 months old. PCR will check this is carried out.


All veterinary health care will be given when required


All cats have access to food and water at all times and a house at night